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Margaux A. LaRauch

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10:31 am: Classes have begun
So it's been quiet lately. I am slowly settling into life here back in L'Academie. It's still different to be here as a professor than as a student.

Curtis seems to be settling in. As I told Professor Bennet the other day, he seems to have adopted my classroom as his own personal study area. He comes in after dinner, never says a word and sit in the back doing his homework. He brought a few other classmates the other night, none of them ever spoke to me, but they seem to enjoy the classroom. Professor Bennet continues to remind me to keep the separation and I am trying. But I remember how hard it was to be new. And he doesn't seem to want to talk, just to use my classroom as a study. Personally, I enjoy the company.

I still think I am correct about Professor Bennet...


Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: the silence of my classroom
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