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Margaux A. LaRauch

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06:06 pm: At least I survived
Well, I can't say much has changed here at La Petit. Mama and Madame summoned me here for the weekend. Apparently Memorial Day is a reason to be with the family, I am told. I think my presence is here only to construct wards and Muggle Repellents for Clay and his friends. The headmistress and Ms. Bennett would be proud of their boys. They even invented a new game with Daddy's croquet set. I was unhexing people all afternoon and trying my best to explain why Unforgivables and Summonning vital organs would be bad form. But apparently Magical Croquet is now the game to play. I watched outside until I was stung by a yellow dragonhornet and had to retreat. I debated driving up to the CVHex, but my reaction was so severe that I had to mix up the antidote myself. Ms. Bennett would be proud. I almost got it right. I'm sure the color will fade eventually. But then again, hot pink is a lovely color to sport on my legs.

The trip over here wasn't as bad as I envisioned. Mama asked that I portkey to the town house and then use the Muggle SUV from there. She is most concerned that Father's people will find out about what we are. Or the neighbors. So arrivals must be done by Muggle car. How she explains the collection of brooms from Clay's friends, I don't know. But then again Dragon and Frag's parents can afford the finest brooms with the best cloaking spells on them. Only the best for those boys. I think I witnessed some drinking and flying last night. I did confiscate their wands before I went to bed. Clay can be rather unpredictable when he has had a few.

Mama is calling so I guess I must get off Daddy's laptop and go rejoin the family. I cannot wait to go back to my quarters at L'Academie. If only I can convince Mama that she does not need to come help decorate. I fear I will never get her off of Magazine Street or Martin's. She does enjoy her wine.

Two days. Perhaps I can convince that child I met, Curt Bouseaux and his parents to visit the school. I ran into them the other night. Certainly a talented future student. I wonder if his name is on the rolls of L'Academie or if he will be going to Salem. That would be a pity.

Coming Madame.


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