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November 27th, 2004

01:21 am: An update of sorts...
Well, I'm still having to hide out. melusine_bennet is still furious. It's not like it was even my fault. Fieryo was a really nice wizard. And he liked her. Yet she was horrible to him. And I'm the one that's afraid that she's going to be hexed.

In other news, after the whole fiasco, I went over to Pat O's and sat by the volcano getting smashed. How I love hurricanes. Have been having to go without hangover potions as they are suspect.

I think I'll just stay out of the radar.....

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Current Music: Hexbox 20 - Malady

October 23rd, 2004

12:46 am: Ponderings....
Elizabeth's owl was once again highly interesting. She feels I should, well, pursue matters further. She and Blaise firmly believe in the voracity of ........

I just don't know how to pursue it without having something slipped into my food.

She said it wasn't true, but well, Elizabeth and Blaise and everything from when I was here is hard to set aside.

The new Transfiguration professor is certainly interesting. It is rather nice to have a single man around. Certainly would make Madame happy to hear. Not that I have been by to visit him. The essays have been keeping me busy. I've had to resort to spelling my knitting needles to get everything done. Certainly doesn't provide the same release.

Perhaps tonight I will pick up my needles again and think over Elizabeth's owl.

Perhaps a visit down to her office?.... Do I dare?

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October 21st, 2004

11:33 pm: Is it really almost Halloween?
Well, I guess I have been busy as of late. I've been trying to settle into a routine of teaching and trying to visit Madame on occasion. With everything that has gone on this term, it has certainly flown by. My students seem to enjoy the rather diverse curriculum.

Madame is still disappointed in me but I think Clayton's new love interest is keeping her off me. Clay can take the heat.

Curtis and company still use my classroom as a study hall. It's been rather interesting to listen to them chatter. Fascinating really.

Must run, the midterm essays I asked for won't grade themselves. And I see Elizabeth's owl again. She still thinks there's something.... well nevermind.

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September 13th, 2004

10:31 am: Classes have begun
So it's been quiet lately. I am slowly settling into life here back in L'Academie. It's still different to be here as a professor than as a student.

Curtis seems to be settling in. As I told Professor Bennet the other day, he seems to have adopted my classroom as his own personal study area. He comes in after dinner, never says a word and sit in the back doing his homework. He brought a few other classmates the other night, none of them ever spoke to me, but they seem to enjoy the classroom. Professor Bennet continues to remind me to keep the separation and I am trying. But I remember how hard it was to be new. And he doesn't seem to want to talk, just to use my classroom as a study. Personally, I enjoy the company.

I still think I am correct about Professor Bennet...


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Current Music: the silence of my classroom

May 30th, 2004

06:06 pm: At least I survived
Well, I can't say much has changed here at La Petit. Mama and Madame summoned me here for the weekend. Apparently Memorial Day is a reason to be with the family, I am told. I think my presence is here only to construct wards and Muggle Repellents for Clay and his friends. The headmistress and Ms. Bennett would be proud of their boys. They even invented a new game with Daddy's croquet set. I was unhexing people all afternoon and trying my best to explain why Unforgivables and Summonning vital organs would be bad form. But apparently Magical Croquet is now the game to play. I watched outside until I was stung by a yellow dragonhornet and had to retreat. I debated driving up to the CVHex, but my reaction was so severe that I had to mix up the antidote myself. Ms. Bennett would be proud. I almost got it right. I'm sure the color will fade eventually. But then again, hot pink is a lovely color to sport on my legs.

The trip over here wasn't as bad as I envisioned. Mama asked that I portkey to the town house and then use the Muggle SUV from there. She is most concerned that Father's people will find out about what we are. Or the neighbors. So arrivals must be done by Muggle car. How she explains the collection of brooms from Clay's friends, I don't know. But then again Dragon and Frag's parents can afford the finest brooms with the best cloaking spells on them. Only the best for those boys. I think I witnessed some drinking and flying last night. I did confiscate their wands before I went to bed. Clay can be rather unpredictable when he has had a few.

Mama is calling so I guess I must get off Daddy's laptop and go rejoin the family. I cannot wait to go back to my quarters at L'Academie. If only I can convince Mama that she does not need to come help decorate. I fear I will never get her off of Magazine Street or Martin's. She does enjoy her wine.

Two days. Perhaps I can convince that child I met, Curt Bouseaux and his parents to visit the school. I ran into them the other night. Certainly a talented future student. I wonder if his name is on the rolls of L'Academie or if he will be going to Salem. That would be a pity.

Coming Madame.


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May 15th, 2004

09:02 am: A new job at an old place
I guess Mama will be pleased. I accepted the History position here at L'Academie, although she would be happier if I would just settle down and get married. Ah well, I know she will spend the summer at La Petit Retreat telling me all aout it. I will just work on my lesson plans and try to ignore her.

At least Ms. Bennet has promised to send along migraine potions for me. There is hope yet.

Current Mood: busy
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